Thunderbolt Cinema Display

Well, looks like Apple is about to release a thunderbolt cinema display. This picture was released on Apple’s servers.

Thunderbolt is replacing the aging firewire port and if Apple has its way it will be replacing USB as well. The thunderbolt port is capable of 10Gbits/sec and eventually 100Gbit/sec. That means you could transfer bluray discs in a few seconds.

I’m looking forward to the future of thunderbolt. Finally backing up your data to a thunderbolt compatible NAS (none of which are available now) will be possible in a matter of minutes.

Also, another feature as you can see in the picture is that a small 13″ macbook is running two 27″┬ámonitors. In the past, this was next to impossible unless you had a massive video card which would eat your laptop battery like Kobayashi at a hot dog competition.


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