Knock, Knock, Knock Unlock?

Knocking on your iPhone might get a few people looking at you strangely, but when your macbook magically unlocks, that will get even more looks.

knock app iphoneThat’s the concept behind the new app, Knock. You simple knock on your iPhone twice and it will unlock your Macbook using bluetooth. This is a rather strange way to unlock your device, I personally wouldn’t find it useful as a couple keystrokes seems just as easy as trying to find your iPhone to knock on it.

When you use Knock you of course can still unlock your Macbook with the regular login, this is just another method. The other issue with this app could be whether or not you actually want to consistently be knocking your iPhones screen. iPhones are well built but using this method over and over may cause problems.

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Do you think using Knock to unlock your computer is useful or just gimmicky?

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