Apple updates App store search algorithm, dude where’s my app?

Apple has updated their App store search algorithm and it has had wide sweeping affects on developers. The changes appear to have happened around December 11th or 12th with developers noticing an average move in position of 40 spots, either up or down.

Source: MobileDevHQ
Source: MobileDevHQ

MobileDevHQ released the info to Techcrunch the other day and it shows popular Apps jumping around in different positions. It should be noted that these are for search terms such as “workout apps” or “games”. These are important search terms for developers who are looking to crack into the top apps.

With the acquisition of Chomp back in 2012, Apple may still be implementing their technology or tweaking it to make searching in the App store a lot easier to find what you want. With over 1 million apps it can be difficult to find what you are looking for at times.

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