iPad Pro to get 4K Screen

There are more rumors about the iPad Pro/Max. This time Pad news is reporting that the 12.9 inch screen will feature a 2K or 4K display. We reported before that Apple seemed to be working on a larger version of the iPad, possibly for the professional market.

iPad ProThis would make a lot of sense as professionals, such as architects, designers and artists, could benefit from the larger screen. The only question is if there will be enough demand for production to make sense for Apple.

If the new iPad Pro were to contain the same body as the new Air with a slim profile, then we could see Apple repeating itself this time in iPads instead of Macbooks. ¬†Apple’s current lineup for laptops is the Air as the entry level, then Pro as the next level for Macbooks, so it looks like they might be doing the same thing for iPads.

The professional models always cost quite a bit more and normally have higher margins to justify production. The question now is, is there demand for such a product?

With a 4K resolution, Apple would really be distancing itself from the competition as no one on the market has anything like it. As we have seen before, most people will dismiss it as just a super sized iPad, but as Apple has proven again and again when they release something like this there is a demand.

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